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Hooray, we have Instagram installed on our iPads but… it's really tiny, and you have to hold your iPad in Portrait mode because the app refuses to display in Landscape mode. We can fix some of this problem but not all of it. 3 Ways To Get Instagram App For iPad | Appamatix Open the App Store on your iPad and you can take one of two routes to get Instagram installed. The first and easiest option is to tap the “purchased” icon at the bottom of the app store and when you see the screen of all of your purchased apps, simply tap the “iPad Apps” icon at the top right and choose iPhone apps. How to Get Instagram on iPad - YouTube So that's it guys, in case you own an ipad, hopefully this video was helpful for you, if you don't have one, make sure to share this video with your friends who actually have one, so you can help ... Instagram For iPad – What Options Do You Have?

How to Download the Official Instagram App for iPad Steps to Download the official Instagram for iPad. 1. First of all, tap on App Store icon on your iPad home screen and open it. After opening the App Store, you’ll see a search box in which you have to type “Instagram” and search for it. How to Chat on Instagram on Your iPad | Commenting on Instagram. While instant messaging is not supported on Instagram as of mid-2013, you can tag friends and maintain a chain of comments that functions as an ongoing text chat. How to Stream Live Video in Instagram on iPhone and iPad You can now go live on Instagram and entertain your friends and followers for up to one hour. Let's broadcast an excellent video today!

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